About Reading Zoom Software Technology for Reading Comprehension & Fluency

Reading Zoom software technology for reading comprehension is a cutting-edge program, designed for interactive use by readers at all skill levels.

The Reading Zoom reading comprehension and fluency program is backed by science, and we know you’re going to be impressed with our proven results.

Reading Zoom was founded with the express purpose of helping children improve their reading skills. Our goal is to empower students to finally excel at reading and open the doors for once struggling readers to achieve all that is possible for them. With more than 40 years of experience conducting reading research and training children how to read, Reading Zoom is a premier program when it comes to the scientific pioneering of real, evidence-based solutions to serious reading problems.

Reading Zoom Can Make All The Difference for Your Child!

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Reading Zoom is uniquely dedicated to helping children become excellent readers.

The program was founded because so many students are suffering needlessly when a solution exists. Reading Zoom wants to see parents and children in a program that works—not a program that drains resources and dampens enthusiasm for reading.

Millions of children in the United States suffer from processing problems resulting in poor reading and learning.

These processing challenges don’t go away; inefficient processing skills accompany the child in all walks of life and well into adulthood.

Reading Zoom and its proprietary software brain training program helps children develop their neural pathways for efficient, accurate processing of information.

Reading Zoom is the answer to correcting these deficiencies quickly, precisely, and permanently – without stress

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