Increase Reading Rate, Speed, Comprehension

Reading Zoom Case Studies

Reading Zoom helps parents improve their children’s reading skills through a science-based approach. The proven program has helped thousands of children increase reading speed and comprehension, gaining strong reading skills for life.

A Lifetime Impact For Your Child

Difficulty reading impacts your child’s grades; that much you already know.

But reading trouble can also haunt them through the rest of their lives—and that is no exaggeration. The digital age isn't about reading less. It’s the contrary: our children will all need to increase their reading rate and improve their comprehension and fluency to stay with or ahead of the pack in a world flush with – often written - information that expects results faster.

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Eventually your child will be out in world, expected to read fluently and comprehend emails, websites, text messages, contracts, bills, bank and financial statements, privacy agreements, interoffice memos, newspapers, textbooks, instruction manuals, warranties, and so much more. Don't let your child keep struggling. That fruitless struggle can end with the right kind of guidance.

The Reading Zoom science-based approach can ensure that your child is ready for any kind of reading. Schools teach letters, and then words, and then phrases, but too many children miss the connection between those elements. Reading Zoom helps with that by untangling the neural pathways and laying the groundwork for the right synapse reactions that undergird the brain's ability to connect words on a screen or page to meaning.

The ability to perceive, decode, and assign meaning to words is not a trait we are born with; it is an aquired behavior. Particular pathways in the brain need to be forged to make reading happen. This neurological approach uses the latest in neuroscience to attack reading troubles at their core. It results in increased reading speed and comprehension in ways that programs that center solely on drills and practice can't match. Reading Zoom is a software brain training technology for your child that delivers results.

Read these amazing success stories from real parents to learn more about what Reading Zoom can do for your child.

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Struggling With Homework

When School Isn't Working

We all want to our children to excel in school, but the fact—borne out by research—is that school isn’t working for all children. Schools are stuck in an archaic, one-size-fits-all teaching mode that simply won’t work for a large portion of students. This is where Reading Zoom really shines:

“Everything else I had tried was not working. The schools were failing us. My son simply could not
master his skills. So I called the Reading Zoom program and felt hope was on the way. The reading comprehension and fluency program has changed my son’s outlook on school. I feel he can be a successful learner now.”

Reading Struggles

If your child is battling uphill against not only reading difficulties but also learning differences, Reading Zoom is your secret weapon:
“I feel so grateful we found your program for my daughter! She has struggled with a reading disability
for many years and I had finally come to the conclusion that there was no real help available. This program has greatly improved her reading level and increased her reading speed and comprehension! Because she is a fluent reader, her confidence is now soaring.
As a parent, there is no better feeling.”

Reading Zoom is effective. You are likely to amaze your child’s teacher, like this family did:
“About 4 weeks after starting the reading program our son’s teacher said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing but over the past month your son is really focused and really paying attention!’ (We didn’t tell the teacher we were doing your reading program!)”

Sixth Grade Reading

Reading comprehension and fluency programs are not just for young students and children in lower grades. For older children with reading difficulties, the difference Reading Zoom makes is even more profound:

  • “When my 6th grade son was tested at your program, he was reading at a 3rd grade level. Just a short time later he is reading several grade levels above his actual grade, thanks to the Reading Zoom 6th grade reading comprehension program.”

And this family had similarly life-changing results from the 6th grade reading comprehension program:
“She had taken standardized tests before the program. And she moved on from a 5th grade to a 6th grade school and took the test. We were absolutely amazed at the difference in her standardized test scores not even six months later. We have recommended the program to a number of people.”


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