Reading Comprehension & Fluency Programs for Kids

Reading Zoom

Reading is an aquired skill, not some innate human ability that a skilled teacher can “tap into.” It’s essential to provide children with the right science-based guidance, since the brain isn’t naturally hard-wired to read. Reading Zoom helps “re-wire” your child’s brain so they can overcome difficulties with the decoding processes associated with reading and ultimately master the process.

How It Works

Reading Zoom is a successful reading intervention program because we unpack the synapse reactions and neural pathways in the brain. The reactions and pathways allow for the brain to perceive, decode, and attribute meaning to words on a screen or page. This neurological approach gets to the heart of the problem—something reading programs that focus solely on drills and practice simply can’t do. Reading Zoom reconditions the way your child’s brain processes written language, and retrains students to read correctly.

A Lifetime Impact

There is a lifetime impact gleaned from improving your child’s reading that goes far beyond better
grades. Living in a digital age doesn’t mean that reading isn’t important. In fact, it may simply mean that your child, especially once an adult, will be expected to read and understand things in more formats more rapidly. The ability to work and prosper depends on the ability to read and understand language. Consider the consequences of an adult who cannot decode and comprehend things like contracts, emails, bills, bank statements, newspapers, instruction manuals, textbooks, warranties, privacy agreements, text messages, and so much more.

Everyone Learns Differently

Every student acquires knowledge differently. In general, you can group students in these learning styles:

Auditory Learners

Some children learn most effectively when the can hear how something is done. Auditory learners largely depend on listening and speaking to acquire new skills.

Visual Learner

Others learn best by reading something quietly. If the visual learner heard the instruction that would help the auditory learner, the reader would probably miss a lot of the presented substance, but that same instruction written down works perfectly for them.

Print Oriented Learner

Still others learn best by writing information down. These natural note-takers write things down sometimes just once—and easily remember what they physically put on paper. Reading alone is easy for them to forget, and so is listening alone, but if they write down what they’ve heard or read, that information is locked down for them.

Kinesthetic or Tactile Learner

Other learners have the easiest time learning by doing. This group is often referred to as “do-er” or practical learners. This learner group “cements” their knowledge by physically carrying out an activity, gaining a practical experiential memory.

And some learners work best when they can use a combination of all strategies. Is it any wonder that a single teacher with a classroom full of students who all learn differently might struggle getting messages across?

We all want to think that the schools we’ve chosen for our children won’t fail them. However, research proves that even at the best schools, teachers cannot accomplish what Reading Zoom does. There is also ample evidence showing that reading difficulties don’t discriminate. Students struggling with reading can be found throughout the U.S. and at every socioeconomic level.

Reading Zoom focuses on the physiological and neurological process of reading, using brain science to unpack challenges of reading rather than a specific style or classroom approach. For example, certain issues, such as transposing letters or entire words, can make reading problematic and downright frustrating.

The Reading Zoom reading comprehension & fluency program helps your child forge the right neurological connections that allow them to correct these problems—something the human brain isn’t set up to do without assistance. The Reading Zoom approach is also customizable and adaptable. The same underlying neurological concepts remain constant, but the rest of the program can adapt to meet your child’s specific interests and needs.

Reading Zoom is the gold standard for reading comprehension & fluency programs for kids. This science-based approach is ideally situated to help children and students process information faster and more effectively. Visit our contact page right now so you can find out how Reading Zoom can change your child’s life.

Visit our contact page right now so you can find out how Reading Zoom can change your family's life, too.