How to Improve Your Child’s Reading with Reading Zoom

Our Interactive Reading Comprehension and Fluency Software Technology

The Reading Zoom interactive reading comprehension and fluency software technology works so well because it focuses on re-training the brain using the most up-to-date brain science. The techniques this software technology uses increase the neural pathways and synapse reactions that lead to better, fluent reading and deeper, more meaningful comprehension.

Reading is all about decoding information and then making connections between the new information and the experience that already resides inside the brain. These tasks demand that certain neural pathways—the connections between neurons that relay information—be present and functioning well.

Totally Unique, Customizable Interactive Reading Software Technology Makes Improving Your Child’s Reading Easier

With Reading Zoom, improving your child’s reading is intuitive.

You can customize the program. Choose your own reading material or even type in material for your child to read. The Reading Zoom interactive reading software technology helps guide your child.

What makes Reading Zoom unique is its science-based approach.

The end result is an interactive reading software technology program that is grounded in biology, neuroscience, psychology, perception, and processing—something that is simply not available anywhere else.

Reading Zoom is based on years of clinical research and years of testing.

Reading Zoom is based on testing thousands of children over the years. It ultimately enables students to read and comprehend, improve speed, and bringing real enjoyment to the reading process.

While other companies ignore the processing issue, they stretch the time parents and children spend on their programs, hoping for better results. Reading Zoom doesn’t do that, and we don’t need to. Our company guarantees quick results and delivers what is promised.


Don’t wait any longer to take this one action—the one that’s going to work. Reading Zoom has the actual answer to a lifetime of reading problems. Save your child from years of misery and frustration. Save yourself the anguish and expense of trying more of the other programs, and skip to the program with proven results. You have everything to gain from choosing the Reading Zoom program.

Good vs. Struggling Readers

Good and struggling readers
aren’t predetermined by genes.

Good and poor reading skills are controlled by the brain and how well developed its pathways are. Extensive research shows exactly how the brains of good readers differ from the brains of struggling readers, and chances are that the differences aren’t what you’ve been taught over the years. It’s not that good readers were born smarter or practiced longer. Here’s how it works.


Reading processing skills are not innate;
they must be trained.

Several processing skills must be developed to achieve the status of a so-called good reader. Remember, evolution and changes to the human body and brain are almost always very, very slow. Humans have only been reading extensively—in the not too distant past—not nearly long enough to change the human brain in a way that would be passed down from one generation to the next, so that babies would be born with reading ability. Instead, processing skills must be developed through a trial and error approach. Unfortunately, life gives us no blueprint for our children to follow, so the “error” part can become frustrating for parents and children alike.


Reading consists of stops or pauses interspersed with movement.

The brain gets a clear image of the words when the movement pauses and the child fixates upon the words. Good readers have a span of recognition of one or two words, which means that they can comprehend what they’re reading and take in one or two whole words before pausing. So-called struggling readers can’t do that. They stop multiple times within the same word, and as a result, end up trying to make sense of nothing but fragments.

Good readers also develop excellent directionality from left to right.

This means they don’t have much trouble reversing letters or words, or skipping lines. Through interacting with their environment and trial and error, they’ve developed excellent directionality skills—they’re still not born with those skills, however. Struggling readers exhibit poorly developed directionality skills. They move their fixation from left to right, and right to left, and lose their place as they move along, skipping lines and getting lost. These struggling readers also lack rhythm and timing as they attempt to read.

Good readers have developed fluency.

They are able to make connections quickly and easily, moving the fixations from left to right, and then from the end of the line to the beginning of the next line, without any trouble. Why? Because they have the associated neural brain pathways they developed through trial and error. Struggling readers insert excessive pauses into their reading, and they lack fluency—because they lack well-developed pathways in the brain that allow for them to comprehend what they are reading. No amount of phonics or sentence diagramming can fix this problem.

Interactive Reading Software Technology: Why It Works

The customizable, adaptable Reading Zoom software technology works to train the brain to read in very specific ways, and as the child’s brain follows along, it builds and strengthens neural pathways. The software works in several areas to improve reading skills. Contact us today to learn more about the amazing, proven results you and your child can enjoy with Reading Zoom. Our dedicated, skilled staff are on hand to answer your questions.